Waiting, Waiting, Waiting!

I am sick of waiting! Although I am sure my girlfriend K is more sick of waiting!

Her waters broke in the middle of the shopping centre last night and she has spent all night in labour. Then, 11am this morning, contractions have stoppped. Ahhhh!

I am so excited for this baby to be born...can't wait! You'd think it was my own I'm so excited.

But come on baby, I can't wait to meet you!!!!

Are you waiting on anything exciting at the moment???


Karls said…
Looking forward to a visit from a girlfriend in Melbs next week... also looking forward to this day coming to a close and me cracking open a tinny!

If I were your girlfriend I would be soooo disappointed... not to mention tired! Hope next time is speedy and easy!
Unknown said…
Oh wow... what a thing to wait for too!
I'm with ya Karls on this day ending! Can't say I'm doing much work though! Catching up with girlfriends is the best! nothing better to make you feel so good!

I spoke to K at lunch and she sounded pretty tired, pretty sure she is hoping the doctor will induce her this arvo if nothing more happens.
Nicki said…
Any news?????
Hunter Jack born this morning at 7:01am after emergency caeser, 3.3kg. Mum is exhausted but doing well after a tough time and baby is "Perfect, just like his brother".

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