Some People Just Make Me Want to Rip My Own Arm Off and Beat Them Around the Head with it!

Like this dickhead, Ke$ha. 
Seriously, could she look more out of it?!?!

This article was on the Sydney Morning Herald website about Ke$ha and her wearing placenta around her neck. And I quote from the article -
She explained: "I'm into energy. I recently went to see a past-life regressionist, who is also a psychic. I wear my placenta around my neck every day, because it's supposed to give you second sight. I feel like I've had many lifetimes before."

Seriously, that's just gross and ridiculous. I'm sorry but it is. Just lowers my already low opinion of her. She then goes on to complain about her 'party-girl' image and the fact that -
it makes her hard-working side get overlooked and "disrespected".
I'm sorry, but you can't write the current number one party anthem of trash-bags everywhere and then get mad about people thinking that's all your about. Dickhead. (If you haven't heard the song then play the youtube clip below. I dare you!)

And sadly, all her song does is encourage young chicks in their trash-bag ways, making them think it's cool to drink like a fish and look like a skank. Everything in moderation, and I've sure as hell done my fair share of partying, but honestly, I never walked around looking like some of these chicks that you see on Friday and Saturday night, I would have been mortified to be seen spewing in public with my make-up smeared and my hair looking like a birds nest. I had more respect for myself (although sadly not enough to actually look after what the inside of my body!) Gosh, how old do I sound saying that!

Anyway, can't stand the chick, I look at her and see house-o bogan all the way. Not good.

I will admit the song has a catchy tune, one that gets stuck in your head after one playing and then makes you wanna dunk your head under water till you start to pass out just to get it Out of Your Head.


Kellyansapansa said…
I couldn't agree more. With "role models" like her and Miley Cyrus, what hope does today's generation of young girls have?
Unknown said…
That was a very funny post Mrs P. Also agreeing- girl's a moron. I am curious to know where she got a piece of her *own* placenta from, like the article says...?
Vicki said…
I feel really old now because I have absolutely no idea who this is.
Farmers Wifey said…
Ahhh so this is the chick who sings this song.......bogan...but my daughter does jazz and loves this song to dance to....she's 9 so I'll forgive her.
Mia said…
But how do you really feel?

Can you buy placenta on ebay?

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