Point & Shoot

Didn't get up to much this weekend. Another quiet one which is always good. Got lots coming up so we are making the most of these kinds of weekends while we can.

Saturday was spent grabbing brunch at one of our fav cafe's in Windsor, then a little tidying around the house and Mario-Kart on the Wii! We recently got a couple of wheels and its so much fun! Went to the In-Laws to watch the footy again (we are too cheap to get Foxtel, and the Panthers lost, again! Grrr!). Had Thai for dinner and watched a bit of Criminal Minds on DVD.

Sunday we did the usual, grocery shopping, and then a little more Mario-Kart before the footy and Mr.P headed off to work. Blogged and read the rest of the night away. Bliss.

Here's a little something I took over the weekend, a lovely pink flower I found on my travels around the In-Laws acreage. This is my post for Fat Mum Slim's weekly meme, Point & Shoot. If you haven't checked it out yet you should, there's some great pics!


Lovely flower, indeed!

Have a great week!
:( The picture isn't there for me.

Will come back later today. Probably just my computer. x

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