A Pic A Day - March 14th

Mmmmm, fancy some Kava? The Fijians drink of champions!
Taken 6th December 2008 @ 9:43pm, Kodak EasyShare C713 P&S


Unknown said…
No! Not the evil Kava!
Heather said…
it's not muddy water? I think I would pass at first glance. Could they put it in a cup or do they drink from the little bowl?
@Heather - It certainly does look like muddy water. I wasn't keen at first when we had it in Fiji, but after Mr.P had some I couldn't not! It's actually not that bad, it doesn't really taste like much, it's not very strong. Traditionally you drink it out of the coconut cups, but Mr.P was drinking it out of a wine glass at this particular party! It makes your mouth really numb if you drink too much, but it does give you a good night's sleep!
Praetorian_TMOTC said…
Haha, that's not Kava, that's Yoqona! Same thing, they just call it something different in Fiji! Although I drank it the traditional way... out of a lambs stomach!

Oh just reading your comment, it seems that what you had (the bilo, coconut cup version) is just called "grog" by locals. Drank cold, you get the numbness cause by the kavalactones (a type of starch) not being broken down by hot water.

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