My Place and Yours

This is a weekly meme run by Danielle over at Hello Owl. Her blog has just become home to this meme and this is the first time I've played along. Click here to get the details and play along too!

This week's theme (I am a little late with this, should have posted days ago, this is my last chance!) is
Behind the Camera {a self-portrait challenge}.

So here's my entry -

*This is me behind the camera.
*My favourite place to be.
*I love to take photographs. Lots of photographs.
*My friends and family are so used to seeing me with a camera attached to my face that some of them have forgotton what my whole face looks like! Lol.
*Lots of people turn their nose up at having their photo taken, or are too shy.
*They laugh at me for taking so many photos and always having a camera with me wherever I go.
*But when they come to my house, and look through my albums, they love to see the photos of themselves and the remember the happy times we've had.
*And then they thank me for taking so many photos.
*And that makes it worth there being hardly any photos of me!
(An inevitable side-effect of always being the one with the camera!)


I just love this picture!

My husband and I are famous for always bringing our camera with us, then not snapping a SINGLE photo!! We're just terrible! Therefore, we just LOVE our friend who is very much like you, always happily snapping away!!
Danielle said…
I use to be like that but I look back at photos and's so important to remember the good times so why not smile and put up with the pain for two seconds and then its done. thanks for playing.
Bee said…
That's a nice photo. It's my favourite place to be, too ;)

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