Monday Night Musing - Why I'm A Study In Contradictions

It's freezing! I can't believe how cold it is!

2 days ago it was hot! Hot! 30 degrees hot!

And now today, I'm wearing jeans nad two jackets! What the hell is going on.

Oh, that's right. It's autumn.

When I was younger I hated the cold. With a passion! I was always complaining about how bloody cold it was. Didn't help that my mother's house is the Coldest.House.Ever! Except maybe where it snows. I'm sure their houses are colder than Mum's.

But it got so hot too. But I didn't mind that. I was a total summer girl.

I'm pretty sure though, that by the time I'm old, I'll be a total winter girl.

These days I still love the heat, but I hate it also. Due to my Mum's house also being the Hottest.House.Ever, I'm pretty good at hacking the heat and not putting on the air-con (except when I'm at work, hehe!) and in winter, if we don't have a fire, I'll just put on more clothes and grab a blanket to sit under.

But now I am starting to like winter. But I still hate the cold. But I like it at the same time.

I guess what I'm trying say is, that I totally love summer and winter and hate them both with a passion. So I guess I'm an Autumn-Spring girl now.

What about you? What's your favourite season, or are you like me with a bit of the love-the-one-your-in affliction?


My favorite season is Autumn. I'm from Northern U.S. initially, but I lived in the South, in Florida, for sixteen years. They don't really have any seasons but SUMMER there!

So this year, when we moved back up North, I practically CRIED when I experienced my first Autumn in 16 years! Soooo pretty! It's definitely my favorite!!
Vicki said…
Spring is my favourite season. I'm so sick of winter by September that the first hint of warmth makes me smile.
Clarissa said…
Sprimg and autumn are my favourite seasons also. I don;t like it when it is freezing cold and my house gets pretty cold in winter!!!

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