Don't Tell Eve - A Book Review

Don't Tell Eve by Airlie Lawson, Published by Vintage Books, ISBN: 9781741668742, Paperback, Aust. RRP: $32.95

I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago, and the fact that it was one of the Aus Women's Weekly Great Read's, and the fact that I hadn't had much success with their picks so far.

Well, this one lived up to it's sticker!

What B.o.B says -
Papyrus Press was a respectable, old-fashioned publishing house. Until Eve arrived...Bursting into the offices with all the pizazz of an amateur ballroom dancer, Eve is quickly discovered to be a devil, who doesn't know how to wear Prada. She's been told she must turn the company's flagging finances around, and she doesn't care if her means are fair, foul, ethical, legal or even sensible: they just have to be effective...With the aid of her sadistic sidekick Hilary, Eve believes she has everything under control. But she hasn't counted on interference from the enigmatic Jess, a woman with her own creative agenda...There are also the small matters of a missing bad-boy celebrity chef, a radical management book, a notorious artist and a set of mysterious dolls. And then there's Eve's inscrutable and damaged husband, who might well have an agenda of his own...

Like the sound of it? I did. As some of you would know, I work for a book importer and distributor, so while not quite a publisher, I had a laugh at some of the craziness of publishing.

I was totally intrigued from the get-go, especially as the author doesn't ever mention Sydney by name, it just adds to the mystery. I couldn't wait for the final scenes, to see how Jess's plan would all work out, and for all the other little mysterious tid-bits to be defined. There are a lot of characters in this book, and while it takes a bit to wrap your head around who's who, it doesn't take away from the story.

An easy, light read, I would def reccommend if you like you're "Chick-Lit" (oh how I hate that word!! Any suggestions for something else I could call it?) with a little intrigue and lots of humour, you'll enjoy this.

Thumbs Up!


Cat said…
I love your reviews, they help me spy lots of new "want" to reads. Thank you for another one. I like a light, fluffy read every now and again. :)

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