Booktopia has Free Shipping till March 29th!

A Woohoo!

If you're a bibliophile like me then I suggest you get your order into now! If you don't get Booktopia Buzz emails here's the details...

Simply place an order before midnight on Monday 29th March 2010 (AEST) with the promotion code below and you will receive free shipping on your order. The promotional code can be used as many times as you, or your family and friends, want on any orders between now and then.

To receive free shipping on any order all you need to do is type the word:

BONDI the promotional code field when you checkout and your order will be shipped for free. ***(Codes are entered with your payment options at the end of the checkout process).

This offer is only available to Australian shipping addresses. If you are overseas and want to ship to an Australian address then you can use this promotional code too.

It is not applicable to free pick up from our warehouse as the discount code applies only to the shipping cost and not to the overall order.
I swear, these guys are trying to send me broke! I just can't pass up an offer like this!

P.S I don't work for Booktopia and have nothingto gain by promoting this, just thought those who spend shitloads of money each week buying books might be excited about free shipping! I know I am!


Anonymous said…
hmmm, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for posting this. I think I will thank-you :)
Unknown said…
Well, I will certainly thank you Kylie. Thanks for helping us take on Amazon. Kind regards, Tony Nash, Booktopia CEO

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