My Desk.........'s

I've just started following a new blog in the last couple of days, a new member over at Blog This.

Jodi, who blogs over at Missea has a really lovely blog, and I've been enjoying reading through her posts. You should pop over and check it out.

Anyway, Jodi has posted about her cool desk (I really LOVE it) and having just gotten her workspace organized (love that feeling!), and she asked everyone what their desk is like.

Well Jodi, here's my desk's...
This is my Mum's (old) desk which she just gave to me. Haven't put anything on it...yet! Thanks Mum!

This is the desk we used when we first moved in and got this second hand computer (Sept 2007). We got the laptop in 2008 and up unitl a few months ago the only thing I use it for was to transfer pics from my DLSR to thumb drive, as the CF card reader I have only works with XP and the Lappie is Vista. But now my new DSLR takes SD cards it's sweet as the Lappie has an SD slot....

So at the moment, this is my desk...the coffe table in the loungeroom. Not ideal, but it means I can blog and watch tv at the same time and not wake up Mr.P (the first desk is in the room next to our bedroom).

So that's my desk Jodi. What does everyone else's look like? You don't wanna see my desk at work!!!


missea said…
Thank you thank you thank you!

There is NOTHING better than a new desk to organise. I love desks with hutches, it's twice the storage space in the same area - I'm regretting not getting a desk with a hutch, actually, your desk would be perfect to store my binders on...

Have fun setting it up :)

Lori said…
Yay! A new desk! Enough to bring on a organasm (I pinched that off an ad- a state of extreme bliss bought on by organisation).

We have a rickety laminex hand me down. I salivate at the thought of hutches.

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