Crafting Crazy!

When I was on holidays I picked up a new crafting craze.

For Christmas, Mr.P and I got a bunch of gift vouchers for Bunnings, over $300 worth. The good thing about that is Mr.P got his ladder and a few other things he's been wanting. The bad thing, was that I wanted to get some use out of the gift vouchers too, but I didn't know how that was gonna happen.

I didn't want to get plants coz we don't have a garden (and we kill them all anyway!), I didn't want cleaning or storage stuff, I wanted something fun that I would get at least a few hours activity out of. So while Mr.P checked out ladders I wandered the aisles, and what do you know, Bunnings has a craft asile!

Who would have thunk it? I spose it wasn't really an aisle, more like a small part of an aisle but I was happy.

I've always wanted to try mosaic-ing and they had some tiles and tile cutters and some paints and chipboard stuff to decorate so I grabbed a bunch and got to work. Here's what I have so far...

Before the mosaic-ing began! (In case you were wondering Pink and Green were the colours of our wedding)

Half Finished, not looking too bad for a first attempt!

A Work in Progress, haven't made up my mind how to do it yet. These will go on our bedroom door.

Stay tuned for more of my mosaic adventure soon!


Jaz Higgins said…
oh that's so cute! looks like it was fun to do too.
trishie said…
Oo, looks good, i'm looking forward to more of your mosaic adventures!
Oh, I adore that frame - and what a gorgeous shot of both of you!

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