It's February already??? There's only 27 days of official summer left???

Man that sux! I hate the way February just seems to creep up on you. I'm always surprised when it hits Feb 1st.

Last week Mr.P and I both took a week of annual leave. We didn't do a lot, didn't go anywhere, just enjoyed each other's company and watched a lot of TV on DVD!

Oh, and we saw Avatar. In 3D. And let me just say - awesome! And I try not to use that word too often, but it was! I was blown away and so happy that (for me) it lived up to the hype. Mr.P enjoyed it too. I wouldn't mind seeing it again!

Mr.P and I at his cousin Pat's 18th Birthday Party last Friday night (29.01.10)

So anyway, now that it's Feb and I am back at work for a good chunk of time before more annual leave, I'm keen to work really hard, both at work and in the weigh-loss stakes. As I knew would happen we went out to dinner quite a few times and indulged a bit (those large popcorns at the movies are Large, with a Capital L!) but I haven't let it bother me, I know going forward that I can and will lose the weight and get some great sales results at work (looking forward to seeing Jan figures tomorrow!).

How has 2010 been so far for you? Have you started working towards your goals? Do you have goals for 2010?


Vicki said…
Avatar in 3D is fantastic.

2010 goals??? Damn, I knew I forgot something.

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