Update on Little Diddums

I thought I'd give everyone a quick update on Little Diddums. The first pic here is the little guy not long after Mr.P rescued him from the aviary. We have 5 other quails and for some reason they just didn't want this little guy around. He wasn't very alert, don't think he was more than a day old when we found him.

He couldn't get enough of our hands though, he loves to burrow into them and be held, mostly for the warmth I think. Thanks to a tip from Bill, I mixed some honey with water and finally managed to get him to drink some. After that I tried to put him to bed.

Everytime I tried to pop him back in the box he would start crying, the saddest little sound you ever did hear! I had to ignore his cries in the end so I could go to bed. It was 2am.

When I got up in the morning Mr.P was playing with the little fella in the loungroom. He was much more alert and walking pretty good. Mr.P would pop him on the floor and then curl his hand into a cave a little bit away from him and Little Diddums would just bolt into his hand. The look on Mr.P's face was priceless! He is absolutley smitten! Good training for kids I think!

I took him to work with me today and made him drink some honey water every now and then. I think he enjoyed being all nestled in my shirt while I worked on the computer. I spoke to a lady who works in the warehouse and also volunteers for WIRES and she told me about a rearing mix that I could get to feed him. Managed to get him to eat a bit out of the syringe. He seemed much more alert today which is a good sign, but still not getting my hopes up just yet.

Hopefully if he makes it through the week we might see if we can introduce him to Scuttles, our oldest Quail, who's quite good with babies, and see if he'll take him back under his wing. But for now, it's just watch and wait.

Also, a big THANKS to everyone for their tips, links and kind words.


Mia said…
Aren't there any local organisations that are better equipped to care for such animals?
Jade said…
Aww, bless! So cute :)
Shelli said…
Diddums is gorgeous, I hope he pulls through okay. Great idea talking to the WIRES lady - did she have any 'bird people' contacts for you? He might like a wrapped warm/hot water bottle to snuggle up to at night?
Vicki said…
Good luck. So Cute!
Anonymous said…
Oh, adorable! I do hope he makes it!
Being Me said…
Oh my goodness, what a little sweetie. Update please?

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