Printing Pandemonium

On Saturday Mr.P and I headed over to Penrith Plaza for some retail therapy. We had a couple of gift vouchers to use so thought we might have a look and see what we could find.

And I found this beauty above. A Canon Pixma MP640.

I've now spent the last few days printing mad! I have run off at least 200 pics and I still have more to go! Time to buy some more photo albums me thinks.

The best thing I hvae discovered since I got the printer though, is this...

Kodak Magnetic Photo Paper. Its the same as normal 4"x6" photo paper except the whole back is magnetized. I bought two packs which gave me 10 sheets and have now decorated the top part of my fridge. Its so cool! Check it out below.


I've never seen that paper before. Must duck down and find some.

This will probably be a stupid question. Does the Canon pixma only work on Canon cameras?
@Melissa - Yeah I'd never seen it before either, I couldn't believe it would be safe to go through the printer but it is. Its not a stupid question at all, they do work with any computer, and you can plug in a memory card or USB straight into the printer without using the computer, but I think if you want to plug your camera directly into the printer it needs to be a Canon. I highly reccommend it as the quality of the prints is as good, if not better that if you got them printed at the shops.
Shelli said…
I've had a Pixma for a few years and I love it! I went mad printing photos when I first got it too.

Just recently it's started playing up and not printing colours correctly but I also use it for work (it's a multi-function unit) so it's had a tough work out ;)
Megan Blandford said…
That is very, very cool. I've been looking for a new place to get my photos printed, as I haven't been happy with the previous place the last few times, so thanks for the tip!
Kellyansapansa said…
Have you tried the iron-on transfer paper yet? You can make t-shirts for the *whole* family!
Jade said…
Brilliant! I'd love to be able to stick stuff on our fridge!
That printer is awesome! I may need one!
Brittany Ann said…
That's so cool! That paper could help you make great magnet gifts too!
Talia said…
I've been thinking I should print some of my own photos! Does the photo paper make them look like real photos? I've been cropping photos in PS for my scrapbooking, but then I don't want to print them out on regular paper, cause they don't look as good in the scrapbook! But if this photo paper makes them look like real photos I'll have to give it a try!

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