A Pic A Day - January 31st

A Gecko!
Taken 27th October 2007 @ 4:46pm, Canon EOS 10D DSLR


Clarissa said…
hmm..sorry to correct you but it looks more like a dragon then a gecko (no big foot pads, colouring, head shape etc)...sorry :P ..the biologist in me..but the lizard is a beauty :). I am very jealous of you - don't get too many of them round where i live
You are probably right! I am notoriously bad for just calling things whatever comes to mind first, and usually what I called things when I was really little!. Got in so much trouble from Mr.P when we first started going out because I called what is a Sugar Ant a Bull Ant! I have since learned what a real Bull Ant looks like and let me say, they are nothing alike!

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