Little Diddum Rose Bush

Sadly Poor Little Diddums passed away on Friday night.

It wasn't much of a surprise, as we hadn't had high hopes for him. But we did our best and we made his short time comfortable.

We've had other quails die before and we usually just bury them up the back of the yard in a particular corner, but Little Didums stole our hearts and we wanted to do something a little more.

Saturday morning we went up to Bunnings and bought a nice little pot and a Mini Rose Bush and buried him in that.

The roses will remind us of the cute little thing we were lucky enough to look after for a few days.

RIP Little Didums.


Anonymous said…
Such a lovely way to remember. We do the same with our pets, but we usually buy a tree. That way it seems a little of them lives on with us. My other half (a native lover) spends ages picking out the right plant for each pet. May there be many many beautiful blooms on your rose plant!
Anonymous said…
oh poor little one.. That is a great idea... beautiful way to remember our little loved furry ones. When I lost my horse Jessie, she had a favourite tree in her paddock that she used to stand under and eat grass. We buried her there and everytime I go down there, I know that the tree was here favourite and she is happy!

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