F*%K You Cockroach!!!

I hate em! Hate em, hate em, HATE EM!!!

That's right, in case you couldn't tell, I hate Cockroaches!

I don't know why, but I can't stand the little beasts!

I've just been terrorized by a Huge (I could be slightly exaggerating) one in my office! I saw the little bugger in the morning up near the roof, but then I took a call and he disappeared.

Next thing you know, I look up, and there’s the little f*%ker climbing down my bookshelf, and then tumbling on to my desk!

Of course I screamed and ran out of my office. E, the Wonder-Cockroach Killer, came in to get rid of it and the damn thing had disappeared! Again!

Well I couldn’t sit at my desk after that, knowing he was there somewhere, stalking me.

I had to sit down again though, after a while, after poking all around my desk with a stick in the hope I would dislodge him from somewhere. No luck. So I sat with my chair as far out from the desk as I could while still being able to do stuff, constantly glancing around and pricking my ears for a sound of him.

Eventually he showed himself again, back up on my bookshelf. I stood and poked the bloody thing with my stick, in an attempt to knock it to the ground and off the catalogues, but no such luck.

My Saviour, E, came back in once she was off the phone and bravely grabbed the pile of catalogues and knocked the shit-head to the floor.

Then she stomped that mother-f*%ker into oblivion!!!

I don’t know what it is with me and Cockroaches, maybe it’s a dog-type thing, they can smell my fear, but they are always coming after me! I swear, if it’s gonna crawl up anyone’s leg it’s always mine! It’s like they have ‘Kylie-radar’ and must enter into my orbit of existence whenever they can!

Give me a spider any day over a cockroach!

Do you hate cockroaches with a passion like me…or is there some other bug/insect that really freaks you out?

Image Source*
*I foud the above image at Cafe Press and can you believe it, they have a whole section of merchandise solely based around cockroaches! I'm seriously thinking of getting me one of these shirts!


Karls said…
I hate them... but kind of made a certain peace (well there was no escaping them) when I was living in Byron. Those fuckers are EVERYWHERE! Thankfully, at our house now, it was sprayed before we moved in so the dirty, disgusting bastards have not migrated into the house... yet! The second they do... I'm calling in Mr Terminator to blow those suckers to oblivion!
Vicki said…
They disgust me. Particulary the big ones.
Cat said…
Totally agree - they're the most hideous creature of all! Anything that outlast me in a nuclear holocaust is creepy in the extreme.
carly said…
i see your cockroach and raise you a huge rat.
Anonymous said…
Cockroaches suck! I hate em too! I don't have the cockies here instead I have Cane toad!!! eeeek!

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