Where Did the Year Go?

Where did 2009 go?

It feels like only yesterday I was waking up on January 1st and now its December 23rd. Christmas Eve Eve.

On Saturday Mr.P and I went to the Rouse Hill Town Centre to get our Christmas shopping done. Rouse Hill Town Centre is the best shops I've ever been too. Instead of the usual 'super-mall' set-up - think Westfields, all indoors and it takes you about an hour to get from one end to the other - this 'shopping centre' is set up like a town square, so you're actually wandering around outside and all the shops are on the 'street', its like a village. I love it. It's shopping without having to be indoors all the time. If you ever get the chance, you should go there. Plus the car park is ahead of its time, with arrows and green and red lights to show you which spots are free, and how many are free down each aisle, saves so much time driving around looking for a free spot.

Anyway, this year Mr.P and I were organised. We sat up on Friday night writing a list of every person we needed to buy for. Then we wrote in those presents that we already had. We then called Mr.P's mum to get ideas for what to get his brothers and sisters. We wrote down exactly what we wanted to get each person, so when we got to the shops on Saturday morning there was no wasting time.

Thankfully we parked in a good spot and came up from the car-park to find we were right near three shops we needed to go too and the other one was around the corner. Most people wanted gift vouchers for certain stores, so that made it a bit easier. I hate just giving gift vouchers though, it just feels so in-personal to me, so we got everyone their requested vouchers and then bought everyone a small and cheap novelty gift as well, something to make them laugh. Christmas morning is going to be lots of fun!

So we got the shopping out of the way in record time, 2 hours exactly. That just left the pet shop. Which we decided to go to on Sunday, owing to the fact we went the wrong way out of the shopping centre to get to the pet store and didn't realise until we were halfway home! So we just went home. And went to the pet shop on Sunday. But that's a whole nother post. And I'll post about it tomorrow. When I have the day off.


Have you got all of your shopping done yet? Anything exciting you're giving for Christmas this year?


carly said…
omg. i must go to that shopping centre. wonder how i can convince boyfriend. hmm.

oh yes. chrissy shopping is all done bar one $30 gift voucher from kmart. but that can wait til boxing day {wont see them til new years eve}.
Alycia said…
It sounds like a great shopping centre!

I did my shopping yesterday... I hate spending money on other people knowing they'll only give me shit in return without any thought from them about it. Blah. Christmas grump is starting. I need to stop it!

On the positive, I baked and decorated a heap of lebkuchen last night. German honey/ginger bread. I loved it last year and it is now part of my Christmas tradition I've decided. Have to incorporate the big trip into Christmas or else it will eventually mean nothing.

Happy Christmas to you!
@Carly - You should def check it out, its really nice!

@Alycia - I know what you mean about the present thing! And that honey/german bread sounds sooo good! I'm jealous!
Bill said…
At the risk of sounding incredibly boring and nerdy, I believe the reason the years keep getting shorter is because for each year we age, a year become a smaller percentage of our life time. For a 5yo, it's 20%. For a 25yo, it's 4%.
I'm really depressed now.... ;)

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