She's Back on board - Toot Toot!

As some of you may have guessed, the last week has been a little all over the place for me and I haven't been doing a lot of blogging.

I only worked two days last week as Monday I had a rostered day off and on Tuesday my Grandpa passed away. Not exactly a shock but still really heart-wrenching.

I was back at work on Wednesday and Thursday (over 80 emails in my inbox and 13 voicemail messages!) trying to desperately to catch-up before having Friday off for the funeral.

The funeral was really lovely as far as funerals go. Lots of funny stories about Gramps, things that we'd all forgotten or that had moved to the back of the mind after the 8 years of illness. My Mum put together a really great slideshow of pictures of Gramps with Grandma and us grandkids. It was a real celebration of his life and the wonderful values he taught his family. We visited Grandma's plaque while we there and also Great-Grandma and Grandpa's plaques. It's nice to know they are all together now.

So I plan on getting back into blogging with a vengeance this week. I have a few things floating around in my head for posts and I need to reply to the lovely comments you've been leaving me.

I'll also have a Blog of Note post coming up to introduce you all to some of my lovely new followers and their blogs that I have been following.

Just had to share this pic of Gramps, my cousins and sister and I
(I'm the one standing up holding Grandpa's hand)


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa. The picture you have up there brings back nostalgic memories for me as well.
Karls said…
Sorry about your Grandpa... I recently lost Nan- one of the most important women in my life (she had a great deal to do with the person I've become) and I miss her terribly!

Welcome back! Look forward to you getting back on the blogwagon!
Neo said…
welcome back, I just got here so I didn't get a chance to miss you :)
Funerals are really never much fun, but making good out of bad is hard to do around death. I am glad you can see it as a celebration of his life, I have only been to a few funerals, my mom was my first one, it too was sad, but we celebrated her live there as she would have wanted us to.
As its Monday here, have a great week, I hope to catch a post or 2 or 3 or... friends, Gregory
Shelli said…
Take it slowly and be kind to yourself. Grief is a strange experience and I'm finding it hard to understand, I can't predict what might trigger emotions or when I might have a bad day.
Take care
Elissa said…
So sorry for your loss. I lost my nanna over a year ago but I still think about her every day.
Thinking of you xoxo

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