An Open Letter to the NSW Labor Party

Dear NSW Labor Party,

Let me start off by saying I don't give a FUCK(!) who your leader is! Whether it be Nathan Rees, Joe Tripodi or Donald Duck, I don't care!

What I do care about is the WOEFUL state that NSW finds itself in.

I care about the lack of public transport for people living to the west of Sydney and rural areas.

I care about the disgraceful state of our hospitals and the terribly inadequate medical services available to people living in rural NSW.

I care about having enough water to drink and live off, I care about whether or not my children will have enough water to live off.

I care about the horrible state of our roads, and wonder why after years and years and years of campaigns and deaths some of the worst roads in the state STILL have not been fixed.

I care about the way in which you spend money on things that have no benefit whatsoever to the state, except for a handful of those that live in the inner and eastern suburbs and wonder how it is that this government has spent so much money yet nothing really beneficial has been done for the people of NSW.

I may not be the most educated when it comes to politics and government, but what I do know is this -

The only reason why you have a job is because We elected you. We elected you because we THOUGHT you might actually do something to improve our State. The only reason you get paid is because We pay our taxes.

So, my advice to you all is this...STOP all the bullshit leadership crap and start doing something for our state!

Because the simple fact of the matter is, if you continue to waste our money and do nothing for us we will reward you by NOT voting for in the next election.

Then it won't really matter who's leader of the party because they won't get to be Premier. And that seems to be all your members care about. Having the prestige that goes along with the title of Premier, without actually doing a thing to help the State.


Mrs.P, a pissed-off NSW voter!


here here girlfriend... nice letter.

Katy said…
And yet Labor keep getting voted in again, and again, and again, despite so many broken promises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree with you!
Bill said…
Labor will keep getting elected so long as there isn't a serious alternative.

One major problem with state governments is that they always end up governing for the capital city. If the Libs can appeal to the rural areas, they'll have it made. But then they'll forget. Labor got in in Victoria partly on the position that Kennett was premier of Melbourne. But now they're the same, sucking resources out of the country to make sure Melbourne can water its lawns. I'll be amazed if they get back in.
Karls said…
You got it! I drive up and down the Pacific Hwy on the Mid North Coast to the Northern Rivers regularly and can not believe the state of it. It's disgraceful! At certain spots - like from Grafton to Ballina, or Kempsey to Coffs, I find it hard to fathom that this a major route from Sydney north... Ridiculous! After spending 2 years in Vic, NSW roads are an absolute joke - about the only thing the Vic Govt have gotten right!
Ronnie said…
Sounds like it must be a global problems because we're having the same difficulties in the U.S.!!
Mia said…
But will it do any good? Do your elected representatives listen to the people they represent? Can you phone their offices with complaints? I would think that would have a greater impact than a blog post.

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