Monday Night Musing - Playing Around

Christmas came and went so quick this year!

I hope Santa was good to you all! I didn't have anything to unwrap on Christmas Day from Mr.P as I got my camera a month early and the gift voucher he was going to get me for a massage and facial has to be delayed as the shop was closed when he went to get it. But that's all good. I had lots to unwrap from other people.

I'm back at work again tomorrow for 2 and a half days and then off for 3 days. Woohoo! Mr.P and I decided to take holidays in January this year (or should that be next?) so we will be off the Australia Day week (Aus Day is Tues 26th Jan).

I've spent most of today looking for a new blog template and I finally found it and have it up and running. You Like? I decided that with a new year the blog could do with a bit of a mix-up, so here it is.

It's very similar to my old one, although I have changed the colours, and the main thing, the thing I was looking for, was three columns, but with a right and left column on either side of the posts. What do you think of the colours? Are there any you would change or think would compliment each other better? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Bill said…
Since you asked, I have no problem with the colours but I've always kind of disliked layouts that truncate posts on the the homepage and make you click another link to read the full article.

Just my tuppence. :)
That's a good point. I was wondering about them, I only just discovered it and thought I would see how it goes. Don't think I'll use it though, I'm with you, generally tends to stop me from clicking through.

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