It Would be Funny If It Wasn't True

So after my spray yesterday in relation to the NSW Labor Party it came about last night that Nathan Rees was out-voted and so had to resign, paving the way for Kristina Keneally to become Premier. The first female Premier for NSW.

Being first female Premier would be a lot more prestigious and momentous had she actually been elected as Premier by the People of NSW.

Not handed the job on a silver platter because the members of the NSW Labor Party are a bunch of children who don't know whats best for themselves, let alone the State.

I'll say what I said about the Liberal Party after they made Tony Abbott leader of the Opposition last week or whenever it was (don't even get me started on him!) - "They are pretty much guaranteeing they will lose the next election".

I don't think Labor has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the next state election, for no reason other than New South Welshman are so over the carry-on by these idiots they are all gonna vote Liberal whether they want to or not because Labor have had enough chances.

Let me tell you, I will be researching the preferences of the Hawkesbury candidates to make sure my vote doesn't get counted towards Labor, that's for sure.

Something that I read on twitter today that would be really funny if it wasn't probably true was from Joe Hildebrand, a reporter with the Daily Telegraph -

You can follow Joe here. And you can follow me here. If you want.

The sad thing is, the Left faction are almost certainly plotting her overthrow as I type!

No matter who leads the NSW Labor Party, the fact is they have lost all idea of what it means to run a decent government and they need a spell in Opposition to remind them that what they should be worrying about is the people they have been elected to serve and not their own personal careers.

When's the next election?


Bill said…
"Being first female Premier would be a lot more prestigious and momentous had she actually been elected as Premier by the People of NSW."

The problem is, that isn't possible under the Westminster system. It is a myth that is perpetuated by presidential style campaigns.

We don't elect a premier or prime minister. We elect a parliament. The majority in the parliament become the government and the leader of the majority becomes the head of government.

While it's undeniable that many people choose which party to vote for on the basis of the party leader, it's not the way a parliamentary system works. :)

Fully agree with your closing statement. Change-over is good. I loved a comment on the 7:30 Report last night:
"There's nothing we can do about this, in NSW we have fixed terms for governments. They were a fashion in the '80s, like leg-warmers and worked about as well. The result is that a Government that has died can't even bury itself if it wants to."
Bec said…
Being in opposition doesn't seem to help a party concentrate on what it should be either, I don't think I even need to mention that I'm talking about the federal oppostion! You just can't win no matter what.
Mia said…
We do the same here. I want to vote for the person but I have to vote for the party. And I don't like any of them.

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