Honest Scrap

I was awarded this by Jazz over at About Books Blog (thanks Jazz!) at the beginning of December (can you believe we are half-way through already!) but I haven't had a chance to post about it until now.

The gist is that you have to reveal 10 honest things about yourself and then pass the award on to 10 other bloggers.

So here we go...

1. I am a total nerd. I like reading and learning about things, Stargate, the dictionary and encyclopedia (oh how I would love one of those huge multiple-volume sets of encyclopedia) and I can always be counted on to pull out some fact about some little known thing that nobody is interested in. (There is more that makes me a nerd but this is only my first thing!)I have struggled against this for years but decided a little while ago it was time to embrace it!

2. My secret ambition is to be a singer. I don't want to be famous or on Australian Idol or anything like that, but I would love to be a session singer or something and just get paid to sing all day. I think getting a regular singing gig will be on my list of 40 before 40!

3. When I was a horrible little girl I once squashed blue-tac into another girls hair (it was already in there, I just made sure it was harder to get out. Horrible. I know) *hangs head in shame*

4. If I am at home alone during the day on a weekend, say Mr.P has gone somewhere with the boys, my favourite thing to do is put on a dance cd and go nuts around the house, dancing my ass off! (I would die if this was ever caught on camera!)

5. (Man this is harder than I thought!) Ummmm, one of my most embarrassing moments was a video my of me my Mum showed on my 21st. Its a video I made when I was about 14
and I was supposed to be cleaning my room. Instead, I smuggled the video camera into my room and made a one-person film clip to the song Absolutely Fabulous (by the Pet Shop Boys with Eddy and Patsy from AbFab) complete with weird tongue waving in front of the camera, and then followed it up with my own version of a Demtel ad in which I sold everything from my Bible to the bed post. I finished it up with the line, "If you're not happy with your product, don't call us, we'll call you!". I still haven't lived that down and I've done some pretty stupid things!

6. I'm a little bit obsessive-compulsive. I have to do things in a certain way or order and if I don't it plays on mind until I do it properly. I sometimes have to consciously control this otherwise I get anxious. Stupid stuff like the order I brush my teeth and how many times I rinse out my mouth, I have to have a certain amount of kisses from Mr.P when saying goodbye or goodnight, when I brush my hair I have to do even amounts of brushes on each side and can't leave it until I have. There's other stuff but I'm probably starting to scare you!

7. (Still four more to go?!?!) When I was a kid one of my favourite shows was Baywatch. I was so in love Mitch's (Hasselhoff) son Hobie. I thought he was such a spunk!

8. I would never have admitted it to my sister when we were young but I secretly liked Hanson. I used to give her hell for liking them so much but I have to admit I thought their songs were pretty catchy and would play the cd and sing along to it when she wasn't around.

9. Mr.P and I will probably only have two kids, but if money was not an issue we would have heaps, well I would anyway. It makes me slightly sad that my kids won't have lots of siblings around to play (and fight) with like myself and Mr.P did.

10. And, finally, I love the movie Armageddon. It's actually a pretty bad, cheesy movie, but for some reason when I first saw it, it struck a cord with me, I think it might have been Ben Affleck. I can still see past everything else to enjoy that!

And so, now that I have revealed 10 honest things about myself I have to hand the award over to 10 others. So, I bestow this award upon...
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and, Pink Patent Mary Janes


Naomi said…
Well done! Wonder how I'd go with 10 things? hmm... not sure. There's nothing wrong with dancing round the house either! Only way I get nay house work done :)
Elissa said…
Mrs P this is freaky! Firstly, thank you for the shout out, I'll let you know once I have posted. But secondly;
- I am a nerd too!
- I also have to have a certain number of kisses before The Boy leaves for work in the morning
- I was also in love with Hobie! Haha, I was the only person I knew who was. FYI he is in Sydney at the moment doing commercials for um... you know, probs in the bedroom....
Mia said…
They have great pills for OCD. One of the best side effects is that it makes you lose all interest in boy bands.
Bill said…
I'd love to see the Demtel ad!

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