Hello There Mr. Magpie

Back at the end of November there was a really hot day, it ended up getting to 42 degrees celsius (107F). Mr.P and I had to go to a Christening up the mountain, outdoors, and it was so hot I was standing with my legs pressed up against the tubs of ice for the drinks. It didn't help much.

Thankfully Mr.P had to start work early so we had an excuse to leave early and get back to the comfort of air-conditioning.

When we got home we had a visitor waiting on our fronch porch.

Mr. Magpie was looking very hot, wings held out from his body and mouth open, panting. So Mr.P went inside and filled a container with water and popped it outside on the porch for our unexpected guest.

I think he was pretty happy about the water, he stayed for a long time, drinking it up. A couple of weeks later on another almost 40-degree day I came home to find Mr. Magpie waiting out the front for me, this time with a friend. His friend freaked out and flew off when I walked over with the water, but Mr. Magpie knew what was going on and drank up!

I hope he pops by for another visit soon. It's supposed to be 40-degrees again today so we've already re-filled his container and left it out for him. Hopefully it doesn't get too hot before he stops by.


Karls said…
Awwwwww! We had a Mr Magpie friend when living in Vic. He would always walk besides Micko when he was moving the lawns... bizarre!
Mia said…
What's with you Australians and pictures of birds?
@Karls - They are strange birds. When we lived with Mr.P's parents in the bush there were a couple that got so tame we could hand feed them. Very cool.

@Mia - Our birds are so friendly and curious we can't help it. Lol :)

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