A Hard Act to Swallow

I just had to share this.

When I got to work this morning I opened all my programs and then jumped on to the Sydney morning Herald website to see what was happening in the world today. And I found this....Pie champs find rival's pastry hard to swallow.

Apparently with all that goes on in the world today this is news.

Over in England theres been controversy at the world pie-eating contest due to the use of 'different' pies. The competition was held in Wigan, in north-west England, but the pies used for the competition were 'foreign' pies, from nearby Adlington.

''We were stunned,'' said one of Wigan's local pie-munching favourites, Andy Driscoll. ''My mate and I have been practising for weeks on small, soft Wigan pies and at the last minute, they've substituted these monsters.''

OMG! Can you believe it? Those bastards! Imagine using 'foreign' pies! That's just not on.

According to Julie Walsh, the only female competitor that walked out in protest against the 'foreign' pies
"I'm sick with disappointment but there are some principles you can't compromise. I'll be back next year, if they see sense. I don't normally eat as crudely as men, but you can psyche yourself up for the one big moment, and that's what I'd done."

Good on her I say. You gotta have principles. Even if it is only in regards to the kind of pie you'll shove down your throat!

Apparently this isn't the first time the world pie-eating contest has been faced with controversy. This years contest saw a ban on 'outside gravy' due to allegations the year before that some competitors had added cough syrup to the mix to make it all go down easier.

So there you have it folks, not one of the top 5 'world' stories on the SMH website, but apparently important enough to be on their front-page.

Don't you just love the 'news'?!?!?!


Bill said…
This is one of the problems with print media moving online. When you buy the paper, you're buying all the ads with it. But online, you can only see the ads on the page you're looking at so in order to sell advertising, they have to make you click on stories. In order to do this, even quality journals like the SMH are dumbing down and going tabloid. More often than not, the "top five" stories are the most sensational or salacious rather than the most important. It also says a lot about the audience too.

It's the modern equivalent of saying
....and now that we have your attention, might we interest you in some real news?"
Anonymous said…
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