Blog This: Challange 29 - Photographic challenge -
Trimming the tree, baking the cake, wrapping the gifts. Carol singers, pretty lights, party hats. Show us your photographic interpretation of festive. (Using between 1 and 10 images).
Festive means to me...getting together with family at the beginning of December to decorate Mum's tree
Festive means to me...a time of peace and joy, relaxtion and laughter
Festive means to me...covering my house with Christmas lights and coming up with ways to make it bigger and better next year!

Festive means to me...getting together with extended family...
...for laughs and mucking around
Festive means to me...having a Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long....
...getting into the carol-ling spirit...
...or watching the cricket on the sly (or on my BlackBerry in this case!)

Christmas 2009 was fabulous! Lots of fun with family and friends, waaay too much ham and turkey, and lots of lovely presents, both given and recieved. My favourite part of Christmas this year was catching up with my family and marvelling at how fast the kids have grown. What was your favourite part of Christmas 2009?


Sande said…
In what other culture do you see Christmas verses cricket.

Tension that is strictly Aussie I'm sure.

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