Did I Mention I like Taking Photos?

I'm sure I have somewhere!

So I got a new camera for Christmas. I actually got it a month early, which worked out well as it gave me time to learn some of the changes in buttons and functions before Mr.P's birthday and Christmas.

Last week I went for a drive around sunset and took a few pics. I've been taking so many, easily over 1000 since the end of November! I've added a few for your viewing pleasure.

This one was taken from my front yard on 7th December 2009, about 8pm

This shot was taken 22nd December 2009, around 7:30pm, also in my front yard

This final shot was taken on Racecourse Road, Clarendon, on 22nd December, about 8pm


Just writing a comment to see if its working now, looks like it is.
Bill said…
Ooh! I love summer rainclouds!

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