Wednesday's Wonderful Book of the Week - Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader, Published by Lark Books, Aust RRP: $34.99, ISBN: 9781600593833
This is one of those books that is making me wish that I already knew how to sew and owned a sewing machine.

Sweet Nothings is a book of patterns for making your own camis, undies and other unmentionables. It's the only book in the market I've found that is based solely on making intimate apparel.

All patterns are included and some of them are beautiful. It has everything from gorgeous camisoles, to sensuous kimonos, sexy nighties and vintage lace bras.

Not for the faint hearted, you will need reasonable sewing skills to make a lot of the patterns in this book, but if you're really into making your own clothes, this will make a wonderful resource, giving you the patterns you need to wear handmade from top to bottom!

If you're interested in sewing your own under-garments, you can grab a copy from Booktopia here.


Alice said…
Sewing my own undergarments? That's an interesting thing to do. This book sounds good. :)
Jen said…
Ohh that sounds great :) will keep at eye out for it..although I'm not sure if my sewing skills will be proficient enough yet for it..

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