Wednesday's Wacky & Wonderful Book of the Week - How to Carve a Turkey

How to Carve a Turkey and 99 Other Skills Every Man Should Know, from the Editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine, Published by Hearst Books, Aust RRP: $24.99, Internal Spiral-bound, ISBN: 9781588167538

This book is both wacky and wonderful! It really is. Stick with me and I'll tell you why.

Thankfully Mr. P doesn't read this blog (shock! horror! I know! It doesn't have anything about footy or lots of pictures you see) so he won't know when I tell you that this is one of the things I have gotten him for Christmas! I know he will like it, even though it doesn't have anything in it about NRL.

When we first got the samples of this book in the office we thought it was some cooking reference. But it's not. It's all different types of things, and some are the kind of things you never thought you needed to know.

Things like how to use a portable defibrillator, how to escape a sinking car, how to make a raft and how to set a small-game snare.

Now some of it is a bit American and a lot of it is common sense but it's all good to know, and if you know a man who needs a bit of manliness and common sense, then this is the book to give him.

My favourite chapter is the 'King of the Castle' chapter, where blokes learn all about how to scour a microwave, get rid of a stain, sew on a button, change a nappy and open the bubbly. All of which are essential qualities in a man!

However I think Mr.P's favourite things will be learning how to grill a flawless steak, how to remove a tick, shooting with a bow and arrow and learning how to stop someone from choking (it's his life-long dream that one day he'll rescue a super rich man from a life or death situation and that man will be so thankful that he will make Mr.P a rich man too! And he just wants to be a hero and rescue someone one day!).

Written in plain, easy-to-understand language, this would make a great Kris Kringle/Secret Santa gift for that boy in the office who thinks he knows it all!


Elissa said…
This sounds like something I need to get for The Boy. The Boy doesn't read my blog either! I thought I was the only one who had a partner that didn't read their blog. I think my posts are too long for him to sit down and read after working all day. Oh well. Probably a good thing really.
Mia said…
These sound like things every person should know.

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