Ooops! I Did it Again

I bought another camera.

Well, lay-by'd it actually.

A Canon EOS 1000D. Twin Lens Pack.

And when I say another camera, I mean that this will be the 4th I've bought in 4 years.

The first one I bought was my current Digi SLR, the Canon EOS 10D. One of the earlier Digi SLR's to hit the market back in 2003. It's a semi-pro camera that I bought second hand for $800. So technically, my new one, being an entry-level camera is a step-down, but when you consider 6 years has gone by since this one came out, it's still as good as my old one. For a start, the 1000D has 10.1 mega-pixels as opposed to the 10D's 6.3 mega-pixels, and the 1000d does all the same things the 10D does, though it weighs half as much and means that it will be a lot easier to have it with me at all times. The 10D weighs a ton so I'm looking forward to the reduced weight around my neck!

The second camera I bought was a crappy Kodak point & shoot. It came wth a free mini printer/docking station so that I could just attach the camera and start printing the pics. The quality was TERRIBLE. The photos came out so grainy, even when I got them printed professionally. No matter what I did the pics were always too dark and it was useless for taking pictures more than a few metres away from something.

So last Christmas I upgraded to a waterproof Olympus. It's not bad, and the fact it's waterproof came in real handy at Good Vibes Festival in February when it did nothing but rain all day! Needless to say I was the only one with pics of the day coz I didn't have to worry about the camera getting wet. It takes pretty good quality pics, with 10 mega-pixels, and the auto settings are actually really good, so the picture quality is spot-on almost every time (barring human error!).

So I'm really looking forward to getting my new camera. It's on lay-by at Dick Smith and I got it for $975 which is pretty good considering full retail is $1199. I'm hoping to sell my old one to my cousins girlfriend who's really keen on photography and wants to do a course next year. She's never owned a Digi SLR before so this will suit her nicely and be a great camera to learn on.

Despite my obsession with cameras, the thing I've learnt when it comes to taking good/great shots, is that it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, if you have an eye and a beautiful setting you can take a great picture of anything!

The best photo I ever took (which I sadly don't have digitised) was at sunset at Oberon Dam, just outside of Bathurst NSW, and I took it with a disposable camera, coz I forgot to pack my proper one. Of all the photos I've taken this is one of the best and you wouldn't have any idea I took it on a disposable camera unless I told you.

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Mia said…
I've never owned the type of camera a professional would use but I've taken a few pictures that I think turned out pretty good. I think it's more to do with the subject than the equipment. It's almost impossible to take a bad picture some places.

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