Best Book Lines

This was something I did a while ago, but haven't in a while, so I decided I needed to do another one.

The thing is, whenever I read books I always find lines that I really like, or that really jump out at me, but I never have anything at hand to jot them down. I've thought about highlighting them in the actual book, but I can't for two reasons. One, I just can't deface a book like that, and Two, when you've borrowed a book I doubt the owner/library would appreciate my highlighting through it.

One book I read recently, Beauty, had a great line that was on the front page, so easy to find again.

The line -
Nothing makes me angrier or more intent upon finding out things than having people refuse to tell me. I don't mind when people don't know, not really, but I hate it when they just won't tell. It's not practical, because it just makes others more curious.

Ok, so it's more than A line, its a few lines, but it totally resonates with me.

I am such a curious person. I wish I could know everything. I was one of those kids that was always asking how something worked, or why something was the way it was. I had to have the answers.

I think its partly the reason why I read so much and surf the internet now. The internet is a god-send for someone like me, if I want to know something, with the click of a few buttons I can find out. Thanks Google.

When there's something to know about other people/things/events, I hate being the one that doesn't know. I have often been accused of being a know-it-all and am frequently banned from participating in games where knowledge of trivial facts is an advantage.

I know a lot of trivial facts.

One Christmas we were playing a trivia game for fun, reading out questions from the Sale of the Century Q&A Book. In the end I was banned from playing because I knew 8 out of 10 questions and know one else could get an answer in. Didn't help that you had to call your name as the buzzer and I know how to project!

So basically, if I was a cat, I'd be dead a million times over!


Elissa said…
I can relate to that line also, I am so much like that, my brother knows it and will always say something and when I ask what he means he won't tell me, just to annoy me!

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