Australian Weather Calendar 2010

Have you got yours?

I ordered mine yesterday and can't wait to get it.

Every year the Australian Bureau of Meteorology runs a competition calling for the best weather photos of the year. The winning photos are then made into a calendar which is available to purchase, so you can have these stunning photos in your own home. In addition to the gorgeous pics, there is information on climate statistics, including elements such as min and max temperatures for that month across 12 Australian cities, as well as average rainfall and wind speed.

I have been purchasing the weather calendar for a few years now and every year the pictures get better and better.

The calendar is only $20, including postage, and if you wanna grab one the details are here.

This is my fav pic from this year's calendar -

Obviously the calendar won't have the copyright symbol and photographer's name watermark, but this is a good way for you all to see who the photographer is without captioning the photo here. For more details on the photographer and to see the other stunning pics click here.

P.S I don't have any affiliation with the BoM and am not being paid to promote the calendar, I just really love it and thought I would share.


Mia said…
I almost never buy the Australian weather calendar. But that's only because I don't live in Australia. And because I haven't bought a calendar in years. My computer, phone, TV, clocks have calendars.

The last time I bought a calendar it was for all the pretty pictures. I think it was kittens and puppies.

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