A Wonderful Wedding - Part II

Ok, so last week I promised a few more pics from my sister's wedding, photos of The Details. So, here they are, the yummy cake(s), the gorgeous flowers and fabulous rings! I'll say it again, it was a fabulous day...second-best wedding I've ever been to!

The cute little cake topper
The cake itself, chocolate mud cupcakes with a fruit cake top tier

The bride's bouquet...the brooch on the stem of the bouquet was our great-grandmothers, and I wore it attached to my veil at my wedding, the bouquet consisted of white roses with strands of lilly-of-the-valley through it, the groom's mother and grandmother had the same through their bouquets

Bridesmaid bouquet, red roses and some red berry things

The lolly station! This was a big hit. Basically Mum and A made what seemed like a million cardboard boxes that guests could take to the lolly station and fill up with lollies to take home... and A didn't think people would go quite so nuts over the lollies, and needless to say those babies went like wild fire! There was a line halfway round the room of people waiting to fill their boxes with treats. There wasn't a lot left after not a lot of time, but I didn't care, my favourites, Strawberry Sour Straps and Red Licorice didn't appear to be anyone else's favourites so there was plenty of those left for me!

The gorgeous little boxes Mum and A spent weeks making...they were all different variants of red & black, the wedding's theme colours

The Rings! Platinum and diamond engagement, and solid platinum wedding ring. J got the engagement ring in Bath with his best-man, a few days before my sister flew to London to meet them last August. J proposed while trespassing onto land that overlooked a castle that our family owned many generations ago. It was closed to the public, but J was determined to do it there, so they found a path, guarded by a lonesome cow, and followed it till they came to the field over-looking the castle. So Romantic!
The Dress! A looked like a fairy princess in her beautiful dress! My sister isn't much in to getting dressed up and she wasn't overly excited about dress shopping for the wedding. Who am I kidding? We had to practically force her to go! Anyway, after a hot January day of looking and trying on a million dresses, A went into the dressing room with the assistant, came out in this dress and we all nearly cried! It was one of those moments where we all just knew, that was
The Dress!

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Nανєєη said…
my best wishes to ur sister for her new chapter of life-book :)
Elissa said…
I am loving all these photos, it looks like a fantastic wedding, love the black and red theme too!

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