I've been a bit absent

So I've been a bit absent of late in the blogging and twitter world. It's been a busy couple of weeks, mainly busy with work, and so I've not had much time (or inclination after work!) to sit on the laptop and immerse myself in the wonderful world of your blogs. I worked last weekend at our Warehouse Open Day and I forgot how tiring it is to stand up all day! Needless to say my back was pretty sore on Saturday and I had to sweet talk Mr.P into getting out the little massager while we watched a movie. He obliged, the lovely boy!

I am truly missing the blog world though, I feel like I am missing out on people's lives! lol!

All the posts I've written in the last few days have been done while at work (during my lunch break) and that will prob continue for the next week or so.

This weekend is my sister's wedding and I am so excited! First time I have ever been a bridesmaid too, so I am doubly excited.
I can't believe my little sisters getting married!

Well, I suppose she's not that much littler, she is 25 and taller than me! But sadly I'll always be two years older than her, which was always a good thing when we were growing up, but now, not so much! As people who are younger than me love to remind me.

At least I'll always be younger than you, Belinda!...LOL! Sorry, had to get it in there! For those who don't know, Belinda is my good friend and fellow bridesmaid, and she is exactly 6 months older than me. Exactly! Well, maybe not to the minute, but to the day at least!

But anyway, if you don't see me leaving comments on your blogs like I usually do I am still there, snatching a few minutes in the morning before I start work and a few in the afternoon before I leave. I just don't have a lot of time to leave comments and read every post. I'm sorry!

I will def post some pics next week of the Wedding! I'm sure you would all love to see!

I have this Friday and next Monday off, and on Friday we are going to take Amy out to lunch and then get our nails done. Looking forward to that, it's been a while since I've had my nails done.

When I gave up smoking 4 years ago I used to get my nails done everything month. Full set of acrylics with the most wild and outrageous colours and designs you can imagine. It was a great talking point when I worked in the Chain Bookstore as a lot of customers often commented on them and asked me where I got them done (too bad I worked at Rhodes, too far away from Windsor where I got the nails done for most people who shopped there). The really young girls in particular loved to look at them, and then would ask their Mum's if they could get colours like the lady's too!

Getting my nails done was my reward for giving up smoking. I figured I used to spend the same amount on smoking every week as what it cost me once a month to get the nails, so I was still saving lots of money and I had a visual reminder of the good thing I was doing. I really think you need to give yourself some sort of reward when you give up smoking, a visual reminder, something that makes you feel good.

So anyway, I'm looking forward to getting my nails done again and spending the afternoon with the girls. Hopefully we'll be able to make it as relaxing a day as possible for Amy. I know how nervous she'll be feeling!

I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you're doing, and please send up prayers, send out good vibes or whatever you do, that it's perfect weather on Saturday.

I'll leave you with one of my most favourite wedding pics, as I am now feeling all sentimental about my own wedding day thinking about Amy's. This will be the first wedding we've been to as a married couple as well so that's exciting too! The pic at the top is another fav.


Alycia said…
Nice to know you're still alive and absence forgiven - we all get busy!

Good on the non smoking still thing... Enjoy the wedding this weekend!
Elissa said…
They are beautiful pics! Were they taken in Sydney?
Have a great weekend, I hope the weather is perfect for the wedding, looking forward to seeing the pics!
Belinda said…
Welcome back, I've missed you!!! A big LOL to the age thing...yeah that was important when we were teenagers...not so much now!!!

BTW - Not sure about you but I was born at 8.15pm :-)
Cathie said…
good to hear you are well. hope you had a lovely time ♥

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