Guilty Pleasures

Blog This: Challange 21 -
Tell us about your your guilty pleasure, why you love it so much, where, when, how and what

Ok, so I have 2 guilty pleasures. Well, actually, I'm sure I have many more than that, but the two that I love the most are -

Gossip Girl - I seriously don't understand why I watch this show, except to say that it's like Dawson's Creek on drugs! And I loved Dawson's Creek when I was in high school! It was my fav show. Until they left school and went to college that is! I just love wasting an hour on a Thursday night, watching it on Go! A great way to almost end the week and get me in relax mode for Friday! And no thinking involved!

Who Weekly Magazine - I buy this every Friday, even though it just seems to get worse and worse. 10 years ago it had some credibility but now? Anything that quotes un-named sources is dodgy in my book. But there is just something about sitting down on a Friday evening after work and immersing myself in the pretty pictures for an hour. Plus, if the hubby can spend $5 buying the paper every day then I can spend $4.70 buying a mag!

What's your guilty pleasure?


So Now What? said…
Same as you - Gossip Girl. OH and Nip Tuck. Actually let's just say over all, my guilty pleasure is simply TRASHY TV
Alice said…
I don't know that the papers at your place is so expensive... I'm sure I have one but right now I can't think of any!
Nανєєη said…
$5 everyday ?? or everyday for a total $5 ?? :O
Elissa said…
Ah yes I remember Dawsons! Hehe, agree about the mag though, I think the worse it gets the more addictive it becomes!
Sprry for the confusion, the papers are a $1 on week days, about $1.60-$1.80 on the weekends. And we sometimes buy two on the weekends, but I can't count them coz I read em then too! During the week I read the news online at work.

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