10 Things I want to do in my Lifetime

Blog This: Challenge 20 -
Tell use TEN things you want to do in your lifetime that you've yet to achieve.

It can be as simple as learning to knit, or bungee jump, skydive, maybe eat a whole lobster or travel somewhere, meet a penpal - anything!

So back in June I made my Thirty by 30 list, a list of thirty things I want to achieve by age 30. In an effort to actually make most of the list do-able I only popped things on there that I thought I had a chance of achieving by 30.

Now Blog This are asking what 10 things we'd like to do in our lifetime. So, here is my 10, in no particular order...

1. Visit every capital city in Australia, preferably all in one big trip!

2. Learn another language

3. Learn to sew and make my own clothes

4. Study psychology

5. Own an acreage with lots of animals

6. Do the Sound of Music Tour

7. Study Meteorology (I'm a nerd, I know!)

8. Have 2-3 kids

9. Not have to work for an entire year!

10. Live Happily Ever After


They are great and all seem achievable.

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Alice said…
That's a neat list. I'm sure you'd be able to achieve them all.

Playing the guitar is one of the 10 thing I'd like to do.
There's a Sound of Music tour? Oh, I so need to learn more about that.

I'm surprised at how many of us listed learning to sew. I thought I was the only one would couldn't.

I hope you get every single thing on that list.

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