Wednesday's Wacky Books of the Week - Stupid Sock Creatures

If you're looking for something to do with the kids these school holidays, and also wanting to find something useful for all those cast-off and friendless socks we all seem to have lying around the place, then this is the book for you!

Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy.

Crafters and kids with a sense of humor, a taste for the weird, wacky, and way-out, and a hunger for the outrageous will find themselves captured by this wildly creative menagerie of sock monsters.

Possessed of irresistible charm, these creatures offer all the inspiration anyone needs to transform cast-off socks into wickedly funny toys.

There's Claude with his perplexed expression and tiny tail that stands at full attention. Jordan's always on the prowl; he's got three eyes, so nothing escapes him. And there's something really odd about Estelle. Maybe it's her silly conical head balanced precariously on four tiny feet--or perhaps it's just that she's always sticking out her bright red tongue.

Great instructions and charming illustrations make it easy to bring these unique personalities to life.

I highly recommend this title, and it's not just for kids. Down in Tassie a crafty bunch of ladies got together to make their very own Stupid Sock Creatures and they had a great time, with not a kid in sight.

If you'd like to grab a copy for yourself then just click on the image which will take you to Can Do Books who have it available for $19.99 (plus postage, RRP is $21.99), or you can order from your local Angus & Robertson or Dymocks bookstore. Just quote this ISBN (Book ID Number) - 9781579906108; and they will be able to get it in for you.


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