Too Much Time on Your Hands - Daft Hands

If you're fan of having too much time on your hands, then check this out...this guy has waaaaay too much time on his hands.

My brother-in-law showed this to me a couple years ago when it first hit the internets, and I loved it, well, because it's one of my fav songs, and it's one of those stupid things that amuses me. Besides that, I am weirdly impressed by people who spend so much time mastering the most pointless least they have a goal in life which is more than I can say for some!

Come on, I have a husband who practices tying shoe laces as fast as he can in a bid to break the world record of shoe-lace tying! He tells me has it beat...I don't know how long it will last, probably as long as he soccer-ball-juggling phase!


T'lia said…
Haha, I've seen this before. It's awesome! But I definitely don't have enough time on my hands for this!
S3XinthePantry said…
I don't know how s/he ever even came up with the idea for that...original!

btw your hubby cracks me up! How fast can he tie his shoes?

Sometimes I think I can set a world record for carrying the most things...then I rememer I have 3 kids and they each have two hands....
I think he's up to about 9 shoes in 30 seconds...I must admit, I was impressed the first time he showed me. Now? not so much!...LOL!

There's nothing like a few kids for helping with the bags...I don't think my mum has carried a shopping bag from the car in years!

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