Thirty by 30 Update #1

Ok, so back in June, when I turned 27, I decided to make a list of 30 things I wanted to achieve/do by the time I turned 30. Thirty by 30.

It's been a few months now, and while I haven't gotten many things done, I'm well on the way to achieving some.

What have I done?

#5. Get the roof insulated - This was the most presing of the lot and it's done!!! thanks K-Rudd! We got the guy round to do a quote two weeks ago (quote came in at $1,595, so $5 under the grant which means no more to pay!) and they came and installed it on Friday. I have already noticed the difference...Ah-Maze-Ing!

#14. Archive all my photos on a portable hard-drive - This is half done. I have consolidated all (well, the ones on my laptop and various thumb drives) onto the one thumb drive, I just need to transfer them to the portable hard-drive and copy the discs and discs of images I have to it and it will be done.

#20. Read 200 books - since June 23rd I've read 18 in 14 weeks I've read 18 books...think I'm def. on track!

23. Pay off the credit card - we are in the final stages of getting a new card that will act like a bill (no actual card!) with half the interest rate of the St.George one on balance transfers, and by my calculations it should take a lot less time to at least get rid of most of the debt.

24. Swap over and re-arrange the spare bedrooms - have done this, and all by myself...including moving the bunk bed(double on the bottom!)

Ok, so it's not a lot, but it's 5 things almost completly done. And I'm pretty proud of that!


Great achievements - well done!
Jaz Higgins said…
That's fantastic. If you've done 5 in that short amount of time you're definately on your way to finishing the 30. Credit cards = ergh.
Thanks! I know what you mean about credit cards! I hate em! We only got one to pay for our honeymoon and ended up paying for the laptop with it as well(the laptop was needed, I had to plan wedding stuff on something!). But this new one is only for a small amount, half of what we own on the St.George one, so it will only take us about 6 months to pay it off which means that we save at least 8 months and $100 a month in interest. And once that's done we can roll the remaining amount into the mortgage as we will be ahead on that by quite a bit and it won't increase our repayments and won't add to the life of the loan by much either. Then we can work on #30...getting pregnant!
Jenn said…
Well 5 items out of 30 is a great're well on your way! I might need to think up of a 40 by 40 list...what an excellent idea!! Cheers!

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