More Time and Less Guilt Please!

I never have enough time.

The days always seem to go so fast and I can't do everything that I need and want to do.

Which are two VERY different things!

NEED: to vacuum
WANT: to read blogs

NEED: to clean the mouse house
WANT: to write blog posts

NEED: to do the filing
WANT: to keep knitting my squares

NEED: to pack the dishwasher and clean the kitchen
WANT: to read my latest mag, bought on Friday

NEED: to get the finishing touches in the bedroom make-over done
WANT: to lounge around in bed all day with Mr.P and do NOTHING!

NEED: to exercise
WANT: to read

NEED: to make more time for my family and friends
WANT: to make more time for my family and friends
(Ok, so this last need/want is the same...but that's where the guilt comes in!)

There just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week to get everything I need to get done and do everything I want to do.

And then when I fail at the things I need to do because I do the things I want to do I feel guilty.

And Guilt! What is that!?!?

I'm not even a mother yet and I already have Work Guilt, Husband Guilt, Friends and Family Guilt. What's it gonna be like when I add Mother Guilt to that list?

I'll end up doing what my mother used to always say when we were little and asked where someone was:

She went mad and the police shot her!

I hate it. I hate feeling like I'm a terrible wife/daughter/sister/friend. Does it ever go away? With age? Death?

Do men suffer from this guilt? And if not, why not?

Ahhhhhhh! Time and Guilt...not enough of one and too much of the other.

What do you need/want? How do you deal with the guilt?

All advice gratefully accepted!


S3XinthePantry said…
I feel the same way!!!
Anonymous said…
I don't have any answers unfortunately because this sounds EXACTLY like me!!!
Elissa said…
I completely agree! My list is very similar to yours, I don't know if I really deal with it, unless nagging to The Boy to do some of the stuff with me counts as dealing with it. Two people make it quicker than one.
Me too! I have all the same needs and wants. I tripped over a dust bunny today that I need to vacuum up - I swear they're the size of my cat.
Cathie said…
yeah, guilt is a horrible thing. I don't think men have it because they don't care enough about the trivial things like vacuuming or dishes to even feel that way. I think we need to be more like that & to stop & enjoy the little things like reading blogs without guilt & popping in to say hi in someone's little blogosphere.♥
Isn't vacuuming the absolute worst! I hate doing it, esp with our crappy vac that needs the filter cleaned every 5 mins if I want to suck anything up!
I suppose it's just one of those things, we just need to hang in their with the hope that one day, everything will be alright, we'll be on top of everything. I wish I was there now!
Anonymous said…
My god I feel exactly the same way. I think we all need to relax a little and try to enjoy our time on this earth!

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