A Lovely Afternoon Tea

So I've just gotten back from my sister's Kitchen Tea, which we hosted at Mum's house. It was a lovely afternoon filled with LOTS of good food and friends.

Let's just say though, I am still feeling a little full from all the chocolate I consumed out of the chocolate fountain. I LOVE Chocolate Fountains! I had to refrain from grabbing a straw and just drinking up!

The Beautiful Spread, put together by bridesmaid extraordinairre, Belinda!

My cousin and fellow bridesmaid, Amber, checking out the GLORIOUS chocolate fountain!

Mountinas of yummy food!

Belinda's Beautiful Babycakes! Or cupcakes if you will


Nανєєη said…
Looks like the holy shrine of foodoholics .. yummeee !!!
Belinda said…
Haha we should have got a pic of you with the fountain considering you NEVER left it's side!! Lucky Amber and I didn't set it up any earlier..!! ;-)

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