Woohoo! They really love me!

So i was feeling a little sad on Monday...

...on Sunday I had 39 followers and was excitedly watching and waiting for it to tick over to 40...feeling all loved and stuff.

But then on Monday when I logged in, I had...wait for it...


One less follower than on Sunday. I was sad. I wondered who I'd offended.

But today...I have 40 followers! Yay!!!

So just wanted to give me new followers a shout-out...

...thanks for stopping by Kayla, who blogs over at Missing Harper, and Talia, who blogs over at Life's Visual Journal. Go show them some love!

And to my other 38 followers....thanks for being so kind as to read my ramblings and for showing me some love!

If you're new to the neighbourhood click on my full profile and check out the blogs I follow...nothing but the best!!!!!


Kayla Brooklyn said…
Thank you for the mention! I will definitely be checking back regularly to see what books you have been reading! I love book inspiration, and this blogging world has been very good to me so far!
Alycia said…
Oh how devastating to be dumped by a reader! Ouchies! With my grand total of 16, I'd be incredibly heartbroken!

Love your new header picture thingo (not sure the technical word for it!!!!)
Bee said…
Awww, sorry you lost a follower. I lost one recently too and felt bad as well. Congratulations on hitting 40!

BTW, love the new look!
Hello Ladies!

Kayla: There will never be an end to my blogs about books. That is what I too love about blogging, getting new reading inspiration.

Alycia: Thankyou very much. I actually took that pic last week when Mr.P and I were on holiday up at Lithgow. I just cropped out everything but the sky and it turned out much better than I expected!

Bethwyn: Thankyou, thankyou, I've been experimenting for a while now but I think this is it. Still wanna tweak a few things but I like this design.

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