What a Wonderful Weekend!

What a glorious weekend it was!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous (a beautiful 27 here in Sydney on Sunday!) and I found myself wishing it would stay like this. Gives me way more motivation to actually get off my arse and do some exercise!

Mr.P worked the overtime shift on Friday night (10:30pm to 6:30am sat!) so I had a nice Saturday morning, reading the paper, doing a little tidying and some exercise before he got up. Then we headed over to the Good Guys and got ourselves a sweet bargain on a new dishwasher...$560! Yeah Baby!

It looks so good in our kitchen, makes the dark-red, faux-alligator skin-textured bench-tops and the 30 year-old wooden cupboards look half decent! Mr.P did a fabo job of installing it himself, so now we can stop using the plastic plates and cutlery and go back to real utensils! (Due to a stand-off over who's responsibility it was to wash-up we decided to clean our own plates after each meal, and, when in a hurry, use the left-over plastic cutlery from our last party! How sad are we!)

We also spent a few hours visiting Nana. P, who's been in hospital for a while with heart problems. The docs can't seem to figure out what the problem is, so it's back to Nepean for MORE tests, but hopefully, after three weeks, she can head home on Tuesday (fingers crossed!).

Sunday was a lazy day, didn't get anything done, but did get to spend some real quality time with Mr.P and feel like a married couple again, rather than just a pair of ships passing in the night (or morning, as the case may be!). Ah the perils of night-shift!

Busy week coming up, got the National Cake Decorators Convention on Wednesday, which requires my attendance to sell stock, Thursday night is my sister's make-up trial for the wedding at my place, so that should be fun, and the other bridesmaids are coming over too, so we can make our t-shirts for the Hens nite. Found these really cool iron-on diamante things that say BRIDESMAID and MOTHER OF BRIDE at the Stitches & Craft Show on Friday so we've picked up some black t's and we'll iron those on Thursday.

Friday is sales meeting, so that will kill a few hours (not sure if that's a good or bad thing!) and then, mercifully, another weekend! In between all that I need to find time to get all the usual work done and to finish putting my bedroom back together after the make-over (pics STILL to come!) so it will be interesting to see how the To-Do list fares!

So, what do you have on this week, anything fun? Special? Tedious? Did you have a good weekend? I'd love to know!


Katy said…
I'm glad you were able to get some weekend time with hubby on Sunday without being too busy. I haven't been to Nepean in a while, have they fixed up the parking?

This week is semi-hectic. Extra swimming lessons for DD, preschool enrolment, library reading group, DS#1 to preschool, a games night with my IL's and a Tupperware Party!

Past weekend was lovely, with perfect weather. Bit of gardening (new topsoil), painting and a spot of car shopping.
Ooo Katy, that sounds lovely, esp. the car shopping! I love car shopping (well dreaming of cars I could never afford!) I hope you're week goes smoothly for you!

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