Top 10 Disappointing Blockbusters

Surfing the web and stumbled across this... article from on their Top 10 Disappointing Blockbusters. The list is based on how much the movie cost to make versus how much it made at teh box office.

According to them the Top 10 are:
10. Stealth
9. The Adventures of Pluto Nash
8. Waterworld
7. Speed Racer
6. Speed 2: Cruise Control
5. Osmosis Jones
4. Catwoman
3. Wild Wild West
2. Battlefield Earth
1. Gigli

Do you agree with those? I've only seen 1 on the list...Speed 2...and it was atrocious! So so bad!

I find it hard to remember bad movies. I think I have something in my brain that erases all memory of bad movies...which is not a bad thing.

I find it was easier to remember good movies.

Some of my favs include Napoleon Dynamite, The Castle and The Dish, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, and my all-time fav The Sound of Music.

There are a few movies I can't stand...Wolf not scary at all! That chick was an idiot! Dante's Peak is another shite movie...esp the scene where the old granny gets into the acid lake to pull the boat to shore...and Volcano with Tommy Lee-Jones. And another movie called Duplex with Ben Stiller that Mr. P reminded me off when we were talking about it.

What are your worst movies? What's your all-time fave?


Talia said…
Oh my. My brother LOVE Osmosis Jones. Well, they did when they were younger... It's actually okay. And I didn't think Wild Wild West was THAT bad. Def. not a blockbuster though...

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