Stitches & Craft Show...Are You Going?

Are ya???

The Stitches & Craft Show is on again in Sydney, running from today through to Sunday at Rosehill Racecourse. And entry this year is only $10!

I get to go for free! Because 'technically' I am going for work. I'll be heading over on Friday morning for a wander and quick catch-up with some of my lovely craft accounts. I'll also be trying not to spend any money! (Fat chance of that happening!)

I've been to every Sydney show for the last three years, and I gotta say, it's a great place for inspiration and bargains!

I'm particularly interested in seeing the documentary Handmade Nation. U.S. producer Faythe Levine and director Micaela O’Herlihy interviewed more than fifty indie artists, crafters and designers from fifteen states, revealing the drive, inspiration and talent behind some of the people in today's craft industry. An examination of 'new-wave craft', this film is a prompt to re-think old craft methods and takes a look at what the new generation of crafters are producing.

I heard about this documentary a few months ago and have been hoping to get a chance to see it at the show. I've been reading through Faythe Levine's blog and it's pretty cool. If you want to check out a trailer of the documentary, click here.

Something else that's really cool, is Living Creatively (the people who run the Stitches & Craft Show) have a heap of discount and specials vouchers that can be used at some of the retailers stands at the show. I'm about to head over there and see if there's any that might help me justify spending some money!

Now I know this blog post probably just seems like one big ad for the show and you're thinking surely I have some interest in advertising the show but I don't. I just love craft fairs! But...

...if you head to the competition stand at the show you can enter the draw to win $300 worth of craft books, donated by the company I work for, Capricorn Link. I helped pick the books and I'm telling ya, they is good! SO there you go, my little plug.

The one stall I will spend at least a little bit of money is Angie's Eggs. She creates the most beautiful Faberge-style eggs and you can buy them ready made or get a kit to make your own. I bought a kit last year to make a Christmas ornament, but the devil-spawn child of someone I know pulled the container apart and lost all the bits, so I need buy a new one.

If you're going to the Show, what are you excited about seeing? Are you in to any craft in particular, looking to find a new craft, or, like me, do you just love to be surrounded by arty, crafty people in the hopes that some of it will rub off!?!?


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