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Sunday, 9 August 2009

My New Look!

Well, I think this is it! I think this is my new look blog...for good!

I've messed around, looked everywhere on the web to find the perfect template and I think this is the one.

I found the template at this great website that carly_grace over at everyone wants this told me about,

So, if you're looking to spruce up your blog, I suggest you head over!

Thanks for sticking with me through the changes!

P.S. I may still tweak some of the colours so apologies for that!


  1. hoorah! i just wanted to say love the blog layout. very pretty.

    tweak away. i dont mind. i do it all the time! haha.

    ooh and thanks for the mention :)

  2. Not a prob love! I was inspired by how good yours has been looking.


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