God Love Him!

So I'm sitting here, trawling the blogs after a hard afternoon of selling cake-decorating books (Lindy Smith, what a lovely lady! Cake-Decorator & Author Extraordinaire!...check out her blog here when Mr. P plonks down beside me with his brekky.

Yes, he is eating brekky at 10:00 at night...he starts work at 10:30pm, so it's not that weird.

Anyway, he's chomping away while I'm reading and he asks me some question which I mumble some answer to.

If you're anything like me, you completely zone out when you're reading. A car rolled over out the front of my house one night and I was totally oblivious to all the traffic/cop cars/rescue workers, until Mr.P got out of bed to see what all the noise was.

A plane could land IN my backyard and I wouldn't notice. Oblivious!

After a minute I resurfaced and realised he had actually asked me something. He had a bemused look on his face so I start wondering what the question was.

I say "What did you ask me?"

His reply - "Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?"

I stare at him for a moment, wondering what planet he's on and reply "Well, unless you turned it on after you put them in, they're dirty".

Bemused look re-appears, he shakes his head...

"I'm eating out of a dirty bowl."

I couldn't help but laugh. He was the one who packed the dishwasher! He should have known they were dirty!

Isn't she a pretty dishwasher though?!? Only 4 days old and she's already got a dirty great smudge!


carly said…
lol. cracked me up. im the same when reading.

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