Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!...The Wedding Part

So I'm helping to organise my sister's hens' night, sent out all the invites via facebook and email (how new-age I hear you say!) and now we're just waiting to get numbers.

The plan is to do some bowling, karoke and pool-playing at Strike Bowling Bar in Darling Harbour in the afternoon and then over to the Lindt Chocolate Cafe for coffee's and Hot Chocolates.

After that, we'll then mosy on over to the Meat & Wine Co in Darling Harbour for a fabulous dinner. And more than likely we'll go dancing or gambling after dinner. I can't wait!

This is the first time I've been a bridesmaid and I'm so glad it's for my sister. The wedding is in October, so not too far away!

We tried on our dresses last week, after a fair bit of debacle! When my sister picked them up and we tried them on at home we thought there might have been something wrong with them, they wouldn't zip up and the bust was HUGE!

So my sister and one of the other bridesmaids took them back to the shop to show the sales assistants, and even they thought something was wrong with them. So they said they would send them to head office and call us.

After a couple of non-returned phone calls, B called them and got one of the ladies from the bridal dept who said to come over and she'd get the dress-maker to have a look at them. So we head on over, and the lovliest lady we've dealt with helped us try them on.

Now because this lady was from the bridal dept she knew how to fit a dress properly. A few tweaks here, a fix-up of the layers, nad positioning on the right part of the hips, means the dress does up and the bust is mostly fine! I'll just need to get a padded bra.

I'll also need to loose a few kilos from around the middle as it was a little tight(!), and I want to tone my arms up too so they look ok. But now that the dresses are ok, I'm feeling so much better! And I'm sure my sister and the other bridesmaids are too!

Check out our dresses below!

Dresses from Calabro at Wetherill Park, picture from their website


Talia said…
OMG! I am going to be a bridesmaid for my friend, Carmen in October NEXT year! I think we're wearing exactly the same dress!!!!
Belinda said…
So glad it's sorted, such a relief!!!!!!!!!
Make sure you get them to fit it properly Talia!! Now remember, it sits on the hips...:)

I know Belinda, I am so relieved about them too! You don't have to hassle them anymore...YAY!!!
Bee said…
Wow, stunning dress! Bet you're gonna look hot in that!

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