Wednesday's Wacky Book of the Week - Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them

While not too wacky, and actually containg some really nice designs, this is just one of those books where the title makes you go "WTF?"

The thing that makes it funny is that these designs are for man AND his dog. So you can go around matching like a pair of really weird twins! This title gets the biggest laughs from the ladies at the craft shows, especially when you flick through the book and see the expressions on some of the dogs. It's like that email going around, with pics of dogs in weird costumes and the heading 'Why Dogs Bite their Owners'.

Having said all that, it isn't a bad book, just a little different. If you're interested in crochet and knitting for men, Drew has his own blog, you can check it out here.


P.S How cute is that dog on the cover!
Bee said…
Oh, um, wow. That's, um, different!
Belinda said…
Oh my. People actually buy this stuff??!!

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