On This Day...July 28th...

On this Day...July 28th...

1540 - King Henry VIII's chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, was executed. The same day, Henry married his fifth wife, Catherine Howard.

1821 - Peru declared its independence from Spain.

1866 - Beatrix Potter, who wrote and illustrated the classic Peter Rabbit children's stories, was born in London. She died in 1943.

1914 - Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, leading to World War I. Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife had been assasinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia by a Serbian nationalist on 28 June.

1951 - The Walt Disney film "Alice in Wonderland" was released

1973 - Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett (RIP) were married.

1998 - Monica Lewinsky received blanket immunity from prosecution to testify before a grand jury about her relationship with U.S. President Clinton.

2006 - Researchers announced that two ancient reptiles had been found off Australia. The Umoonasaurus and Opallionectes were the first of their kind to be found in the period soon after the Jurassic era.

Sourced from On-This-Day.com and On This Day - Landmarks of our Time by Sandra Kimberley Hall, published by New Holland.


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