Monday Night Musing

Why do the jets have to be so LOUD????

The helicopters aren't that loud, the cariboo's aren't that loud, even the Hercules aren't that bad.

I thought loud was when the Hercules was sitting on the runway, warming up his engines, about to take off.

I thought loud was when they sat the planes on the runway and revved the engines' over and over, testing them.

But NOTHING is as LOUD as when the jest fly over.

The higher altitude fly-by's are not so bad, but when they come screaming up over the hosue, at what feels (and LOOKS!) like only a few metres clearance, the sound is UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!!!

And when you don't have time machine, or tivo, or foxtel IQ, you can't rewind live tv to hear what you missed!

Don't get me wrong, I love my house, and I don't even notice the planes, except for these two weeks out of fifty-two, when they do jet training runs between here and Newcastle and blow my ears off!

A little warning would be nice, maybe a litle notice, dropped in the letterbox saying "Excuse me, but you may want to tape any shows you're watching for the next two weeks, because you may not hear them"

Did I mention I live as close to a RAAF base as is possible without actually being IN the Air Force?

Still, the jets do look awesome! And my mum can forever brag that she saw the Pope land from my backyard!


Bee said…
lol, I am from a RAAFie town, I totally know what you're talking about! Incidentally, my brother works on Caribou's right now up in Townsville, but they are being phased out this year as they are getting too old and expensive to run, so he is more than likely getting posted down to Richmond (or whatever the base in Sydney is called) to work on the Hercs. So he'll probably end up being your neighbour, lol.
lol! Richmond it is! I LOVE living here (although I only moved here about 5 years ago)'s a beautiful town. Probably not as beautiful (or warm!) as Townsville but still nice, but sometimes those jets! At least I don't have to try and sleep while they're are going, like hubby! he works night shift and has a nap right when they start and gets up to go to work just as they finish! Poor thing! Oh well, shouldn't complain, the house was a bargain and way bigger than we would have afforded anywhere else that wasn't next to a RAAF base! It's not as bad as living under the flight path of sydney airport! Those bad boys are LOUD and 24/7!

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